Naomi Less

Naomi Less is a Brooklyn-based, internationally celebrated singer/songwriter, ritual worship musician and experiential educator. With two solo albums, Naomi is known for her diverse range of styles and musical content. The founder of several music programs, including Jewish Chicks Rock...
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Yoram Taharlev: Live Concert in Hebrew

Tel Aviv, Israel / Teaching in Hebrew This video was broadcast from BINA in Tel Aviv About Yoram Back to the index Watch the video: Taharlev’s Torah Featuring the BINA Mechina Yoram Taharlev was born and raised on Kibbutz Yagur. His...
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Stereo Sinai: We Steal Lyrics from God

Brooklyn, NY, USA / Discussing in English www.stereosinai.com About Stereo Sinai Back to the index Watch the video: We Steal Lyrics from God Stereo Sinai shared these videos during their talk. Dubbed “biblegum pop,” Stereo Sinai‘s signature sound is the...
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