Tune in on March 31, 2017

Rabbi Alex Israel

On “The Taming of Desire”

Exodus records a strange donation to the Temple – a set of ladies’ beauty mirrors. Who were the women behind this unusual gift and what is their story? Why did Moses want to reject their donation? This shiur will address the place of beauty, and whether sexuality and sanctity can coexist.

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Presenting fresh perspectives from global thinkers on this year’s theme – Beauty & Ugliness.

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Rabbi Steinsaltz’s mission is to “Let My People Know”, and he has committed his life’s work to making Jewish texts more accessible. The Global Day ON AIR propels this vision forward in a digital age. This live broadcast series is made possible through Google’s program for nonprofit organizations, which provides free use of G Suite and YouTube Live. We hope that the Global Day ON AIR makes it easier to bring more Jewish learning to communities and to Jewish culture worldwide. This year, Rabbi Steinsaltz will return as a featured speaker.

The Global Day ON AIR will air as a monthly live series in 2017 with a global webcast event on Sunday, November 12.

This year, the Global Day goes ON AIR to bring Jewish Learning everywhere around the world.

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