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September, 2017

Rabbi Boruch Gorin

This video is in Russian.
Красота и уродство в свете исторических дискурсов мудрецов Талмуда о сексуальности | “Historical variations of the discourse of the Talmudic sages about sexuality (based on the material” Israel after the flesh “by D. Boyarin)”; broadcast from the St Petersburg Jewish Learning Professional Seminar.

September, 2017

Yulia Patrakova

This video is in Rusian
Еврейские тексты о красоте и уродстве и язык искусства: Марк Ротко- страсть и цвет | “Working with the text of the means of art: Mark Rothko, Passion and Color”; broadcast from the St Petersburg Jewish Learning Professional Seminar.

July, 2017

Arthur Kurzweil on “Tiferet: Beauty and Good”

There are many crossover points between the concepts of the good and the beautiful, because both are grasped as a harmony between things. Explore Tiferet – a Sefira related to the concept of beauty – with guidance from The Thirteen Petalled Rose, by Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz.

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June, 2017

Sandra Lilienthal on “Beauty, Power and Temptation”

Is being beautiful a requirement to achieve positions of power? Can beauty ever be a disadvantage? Join Sandra Lilienthal in exploring some stories of Biblical characters to uncover ways in which beauty and power are intertwined, and discover what those ancient stories can teach us us today.

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May, 2017

Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan, on “Beauty and the Rabbis”

Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan – senior educator at Lehrhaus Judaica in Berkeley, CA – leads a lively discussion about Hiddur Mitzvah – beautifying a mitzvah. What is it to beautify a devotional act? How does one do it? What does that mean for our understanding of the value of beauty?

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April, 2017

Rabbi Alex Israel, on “The Taming of Desire”

Exodus records a strange donation to the Temple – a set of ladies’ beauty mirrors. Who were the women behind this unusual gift and what is their story? Why did Moses want to reject their donation? This session addresses the place of beauty, and whether sexuality and sanctity can coexist.

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