Einat Kapach

Einat Kapach: Film.Course – Jewish Learning and Culture through Film

Jerusalem, Israel / Presenting in English
Ma’aleh Film School
About Einat

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Videos shared in Einat’s presentation

“A Pure Prayer”
“A Shabbos Mother”
A Masieh

“A Little Bit Different”
“Full of Life”
Behind the Scenes from “Full of Life”

Einat KapachEinat Kapach is the Director of International Relations & Special Projects at Ma’aleh Film School, and is the director of one of the school’s flagship films, Jephtah’s Daughter, about the experiences of an Ethiopian family crossing the Sudan desert.  Herself a graduate of Ma’aleh, Einat is also an independent director, scriptwriter and lecturer who has represented Ma’aleh at Jewish communities and conferences all over the world, lately in Australia, New Zealand and Italy. Her feature length documentary about her Yemenite heritage, “My Two Legacies”, was produced by Israel’s New Cinema Foundation and aired on Channel 2. Einat is at present working on the script of her feature length fictional film.

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