Rabbi Ariel Kleiner: Creating the Amidah – lesson in Spanish

Montevideo, Uruguay / Teaching in Spanish
Nueva Congregacion Israelita, Montevideo
About Rabbi Kleiner

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Ariel KleinerRabbi Ariel Kleiner is a graduate of the Marshall T. Meyer Latin American Rabbinical Seminary, and holds a M.A. in Talmud and Halacha from The Schechter Institute in Jerusalem. “The main functions of a rabbi,” he says, “are studying, teaching, educating, serving and motivating.” For Rabbi Kleiner, being a rabbi is not about knowing everything but about having a certain attitude towards life and constantly studying. “It is about the vocation of service: Divine service, local service, service to Humanity, to serve those at the table who have not yet been served…the key is to participate, engage, and participate some more.” Rabbi Kleiner lives with his wife, Renata, in Montevideo, where he serves the Nueva Congregación Israelita (New Israel Congregation) of Uruguay. He is also an enthusiastic defender of the environment and has worked with a variety of organizations on preservation initiatives.

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