Rabbi David Levin-Kruss: What Price Pluralism?

Nashville, TN, USA / Teaching in English
This video was broadcast from The Jewish Federation of Nashville & Middle Tennessee.
About Rabbi Levin-Kruss

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Rabbi Levin-Kruss at Jewish Nashville was made possible through the generosity of Moishe & Libby Werthan, in recognition of teachers past and present at the Pardes Institute in Israel.

Watch the video: What Price Pluralism? Creating Unity While Acknowledging What Separates Us

David-Levin-KrussRabbi David Levin-Kruss is a Director of Special Programs and a faculty member of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem.  He holds a B.A. and Teachers’ Certification in English Literature and Jewish Thought from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, attended Pardes, and has rabbinic ordination from the Joseph and Gwendolyn Straus Rabbinical Seminary. Previously, he served as the director of the overseas department at the Melitz Centers for Jewish Zionist Education and as the community director of Stanmore Synagogue, in northwest London. David hails from South Africa, loves cooking in his spare time and sees himself as a bridge between Jewish heritage and those seeking to connect or reconnect to that tradition.

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