Arthur Kurzweil: Abraham’s Servant Wanders into Sodom

Abraham’s Servant Wanders into Sodom

While we do not learn much detail about Abraham’s trusted servant, Eliezer, from the Bible, three incidents recorded in the Talmud concerning Eliezer’s visit to the evil city of Sodom help us to understand both the cleverness of Eliezer and the true nature of that wicked city.

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Arthur KurzweilArthur Kurzweil is a writer, teacher, and magician. He is a Jewish Heir Locator, dedicated to finding and informing members of the Jewish family about our extraordinary inheritance. He is the author of several books, including On the Road with Rabbi Steinsaltz and From Generation to Generation: How To Trace Your Jewish Genealogy.  Arthur is a member of the Society of American Magicians (founded by Harry Houdini) and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.