Esther Kustanowitz & Sal Litvak: What Happens when Jews Really Do Control the Media?

Esther, Mordecai, and What Happens When Jews Really Do Control the Media

From the letters condemning the Jews to the letters that saved them, most of the Purim story depends on written messages. It’s no coincidence that the Persian-Medean kings drew much of their power from a precedent-setting communications system – the same system Mordechai and Esther needed to control in order to save the Jewish people.

Join Accidental Talmudist Salvador Litvak and writer/consultant Esther Kustanowitz for a discussion about cautious speech, responsible media practices and the power of the written word, through the lens of Purim and the Book of Esther.

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Sal LitvakSal Litvak was born in Santiago, Chile and moved to New York at age five. He is a graduate of Harvard College, NYU Law School, and the School of Theater, Film and Television at UCLA. His first film was the Passover comedy and cult hit, When Do We Eat? His second film, Saving Lincoln, explores the friendship between Abraham Lincoln and his bodyguard, Ward Hill Lamon. Sal wrote both films with his wife, Nina Davidovich Litvak. He also blogs as the Accidental Talmudist for the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, Hevria, and on his AT Facebook page, where he shares a bit of Jewish wisdom daily with a community of 130,000+ fans. Sal is currently developing a number of edgy, spiritual projects, including an untitled High Holiday comedy. Learn more about Sal here.

Esther KustanowitzEsther Kustanowitz is a writer, consultant and prolific user of social media who has consulted on social media, communications and creativity for dozens of organizations and institutions, ranging from MTV Networks to Jewish Federations of North America. Esther (@EstherK on Twitter) also manages @picsfrthefringe and @whendoweeatfilm, as well as the Facebook presence for Pictures From the Fringe & When Do We Eat?. She is also working on “Nothing Helps (But This Might Help),” a book project designed to share support and stories with those who are experiencing loss. Her writing appears regularly in publications like Ha’aretz, the Forward, the Jewish Journal and the JTA, at her website, EstherK.com and at her blog, MyUrbanKvetch.com.