Sara Wolkenfeld, Educator,

Sara Wolkenfeld on Rachel: A Voice for the Ages

Rachel: A Voice for the Ages

Rachel’s voice – her speech, her cries, and her prayers – serves as a focal point in defining this intriguing matriarch. We will examine the way her voice emerges over the course of her life and her death, and will focus on how the Rabbinic tradition consistently views her voice as a transformational force throughout her story.

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Sara Wolkenfeld, Educator, sefaria.orgSara Tillinger Wolkenfeld is the Director of Education and Community Engagement at Sefaria. She has taught Talmud and Jewish Law at the Drisha Institute, and served as JLIC educator and Director of Education at the Center for Jewish Life – Hillel at Princeton University. Sara has taught at The Hampton Synagogue in Westhampton Beach, NY, at United Orthodox Synagogues of Houston, TX, where she was an intern for two years, and as a Beit Midrash Fellow at S.A.R. Academy in Riverdale, NY. She lectures in synagogues and Hillels on a variety of topics, and also teaches Hilkhot Nidah to brides and engaged couples. Sara holds a BA in Judaica and Comparative Literature from the University of Pennsylvania, and has studied Talmud and Jewish Law at Midreshet Lindenbaum, Drisha, Pardes, Nishmat,and Beit Morashah. She lives in Chicago, IL with her husband and four children.