Dasee Berkowitz

Teaching in English from Jerusalem, Israel | Presented by Ayeka

Love: Becoming a Soulful Parent

With the daily grind of parenting children it is very easy to lose sight of the joy, purpose and soul of parenting. In this session we will use classic and contemporary texts to deepen our understanding of our own experiences as parents and begin to honestly assess how we are doing. At the end of the session we will have “soulwork” to do and try to put into practice some of what we learned in the context of our family lives.

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berkowitzDasee Berkowitz has worked in informal Jewish education for the past 20 years for Jewish communities in the US and overseas in Israel, India and the FSU. She has served many national agencies including AJJDC, Makom and JCCA developing and implementing meaningful educational curricula for different age cohorts. She has applied her educational experience to synagogue settings and enriched Jewish life at Temple Adas Israel in Sag Harbor, NY, and now at Kehillat Zion in Jerusalem through her creation of innovative family engagement experiences. Dasee is a frequent contributor to Kveller.com, JTA and has also had pieces appear in Forward.com, Haaretz and Times of Israel. Much of her writing focuses on developing parenting as a spiritual practice and how to make Jewish life relevant and accessible to families with young children. Dasee now lives and works in Jerusalem as an educational consultant for AJJDC’s Entwine program, Honeymoon Israel, and Ayeka. She has most recently initiated a popular new course for Ayeka called “Becoming a Soulful Parent” with Aryeh ben David. And the most meaningful part of her life? Being a wife to Leon Morris and a mother to three (really cute) children, Tamir, Yael and Shalva.