Dr. Zeev Dashevsky

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«И царский гнев, и царская любовь»

Танах необычайно подробно описывает, как в царе Шауле борются любовь и ненависть к Давиду. Попытаемся понять, какой урок мы можем извлечь из исполненной трагизма истории отношений между двумя первыми царями Израиля.

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King’s Anger, Royal Love

The Tanakh depicts in an unusually detailed manner the story of King Saul’s complicated feelings about David – a mix of love and hate. In this session we try to understand what we can learn from this tragic history of the relationship between the first two kings of Israel.

dashevskyDr. Zeev Dashevsky is the senior lecturer and President of the Machanaim Center, operating in Jerusalem and Moscow. A graduate of Odessa University and the Moscow Academy of Sciences, he also has a doctorate in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. He achieved his Master Studies in Talmud at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, where he went on to be a lecturer in Jewish Heritage studies. Since 1990 Dr. Dashevsky has been a leader and teacher of religion and spirituality in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Israel. In 1992 Dr. Dashevsky received an honorary doctorate from Yeshiva University. He lives in Israel with his wife and 8 children.