Abi Dauber Sterne

Teaching in English from Washington, DC, USA | Presented by Hillel International

Love Yourself More than Your Neighbor: Particularism vs. Universalism

Is it fair to love one person more than another? Is it right to love one nation more than another? Through the study of a Talmudic story and contemporary sources, we will discuss why particularism is critically important in contemporary society.

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dauber-sterneAbi Dauber Sterne is Vice President for Jewish Education and the Director of the Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Experience at Hillel international. In this role she works to ensure that every Hillel has a strong Jewish educational vision, excellent Jewish educators, and rich Jewish content to engage students. Signature initiatives include the Ezra Fellowship and the Senior Jewish Educator model. Previous positions include director of the Mandel Jerusalem Fellows in Jerusalem, founding director of Limmud NY, and Planning Executive at UJA-Federation of NY. Abi holds an MA in Religious Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, and was a fellow in the Muehlstein Institute for Jewish Professional Leadership program. Over the past ten years, Abi has been active in various independent minyanim, from NY to Jerusalem to Silver Spring. She lives with her husband and four children in Silver Spring, MD.