Rabbi Zac Kamenetz

Teaching in English from the JCC of San Francisco, CA, USA | Presented by JCCSF

A Thousand Kisses Deep: Four Voices That Fell In Love With God

Both the Hebrew Bible and the Jewish liturgical tradition ensure that God’s love for the Jewish people is abundant and abiding, even when the human love reflected back is often partial, fleeting, or absent altogether. In this session, we will encounter four Jewish voices–the book of Deuteronomy, Maimonides, Yehuda Amichai, and Leonard Cohen–who teach us about the various longings of the human heart for the Divine.

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kamenetzRabbi Zac Kamenetz is a senior educator at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco. Hailing from both Southern California and the old North State, Zac is incredibly grateful to have had such kind and generous teachers and hevrutot l’shem shamayim throughout the years, all over North America and Israel. He lives with his wife in Berkeley, CA and is still trying to get Leonard Cohen to come for Shabbos lunch sometime.