Gabriella Lev

Teaching in English from Jerusalem, Israel | Presented by the Theatre Company Jerusalem

Wayward Woman: A Timeless Tale on the Modern Stage

The Bible and Talmud tell the story of a “wayward wife” (the Sota) and the bitter waters she must drink. A relationship unravels in a series of accusations and trials. The questions and range of feelings these texts describe are still powerful today. In this session, Gabriella Lev discusses how these texts inspired her to write a play, and why performing these texts is a vital means of learning about love, both then and now.

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See the gallery below for photos from Theatre Company Jerusalem and their interpretation of the story of the Sota.

levGabriella Lev is an award-winning theatre director, writer and performer. She co-established the Odot Company in 1973 and later helped establish The Jerusalem Drama Workshop. She was its director for three years, and under her care, it grew into the Theatre Company Jerusalem,where Gabriella is the co-founder and artistic director. Theatre Company Jerusalem (TCJ) aspires to create a contemporary theatre of excellence rooted in ancient Hebrew and Aramaic writing and song. TCJ’s educational programs, in schools and universities inspire a new generation of students and scholars to discover the resonance that ancient sources have in today’s world, evoking their human and universal qualities and demonstrating the influence that theatre in dialogue with Sacred texts, can have within a community.