Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Global Day of Jewish Learning? When is it?

On Sunday, November 17, 2019, Jews all around the world will come together in their communities, homes, and online to celebrate our shared heritage. To be Jewish is to think, to study, and to learn, so that’s how we’ll celebrate! On the eighth annual Global Day of Jewish Learning, Jews everywhere will focus their attention to our shared Jewish texts to glean, wisdom, questions, and a sense of being part of one people.

What is the theme of this year's Global Day of Jewish Learning?

The 2019 theme is Speaking Volumes. From ancient arguments to modern meanings, from raising our voices to remaining silent, explore how and why words matter. Find out more about this year’s study theme.

Why participate in the Global Day of Jewish Learning?

The Global Day of Jewish Learning is an opportunity for Jews around the world to unite through our shared texts. Participating can benefit your community in many ways:

  • Uniting your entire community, regardless of affiliation;
  • Partnering with local day schools, synagogues and other local agencies;
  • Promoting Jewish education and empowering local educators;
  • Using the event as a launching pad for your own community initiatives;
  • Including your community in a worldwide, groundbreaking event.

If it's free, why do I need to register?

We ask you to register your community events as a way to show the world where Jewish learning is happening! Your information is never given to any third parties, and all of our resources are absolutely free. Registration is free, too. To gain access to this year’s materials – including the curriculum – all you have to do is register. Once you’re registered, you’ll be counted among the 500+ communities in over 40 countries worldwide who participate.

If you’re an individual, attending a community event, you don’t need to register.

If you’re just two people sitting in chavruta and learning together, you count as a community! You can register to tell us that you’ll be joining in.

Don’t have a community of your own? Join our online community!

I haven't studied anything Jewish since my Bar Mitzvah. Why should I participate in the Global Day of Jewish Learning?

You might be surprised how meaningful even just a little bit of learning and thinking about our shared texts can be.  The plans for the day don’t require you to break out your old Religious School workbooks or remember any Hebrew. Host an event – we provide a curriculum that will help you teach (even if you’re not a teacher) and learn (even if you’re not a student).

Who is Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz?

Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz is one of the Jewish people’s greatest champions for open access to Jewish learning. In 1965, guided by the principle that even the most esoteric texts should be made accessible to all Jewish people, Rabbi Steinsaltz undertook the monumental task of translating and elucidating the Talmud’s many thousands of folios.

In 2010, the Global Day of Jewish Learning was conceived to mark the completion of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz’s 45-year quest of completing his translation and commentary of the Talmud. Now in it’s ninth year, we continue the Global Day as a way to celebrate the unity of the Jewish people through our sacred Jewish texts. Read more about Rabbi Steinsaltz and his work.

Is the Global Day for all Jews?

Yes, the Global Day is for all Jews regardless of learning background or religious affiliation. The classes for the Global Day have been created specifically for all audiences; no prior knowledge of Hebrew or Jewish text is necessary in order to participate in the Global Day.

How can I participate in the Global Day of Jewish Learning?

There are many ways you can participate in the Global Day of Jewish Learning –

How can I register my community?

Click here to register for the Global Day of Jewish Learning.

How can I participate in a Global Day event in my community?

Each event is hosted by an individual community.  Check with the event organizers to find out dates and times of your event. Email [email protected] for more information, or subscribe here and receive periodic updates about the Global Day.

How can I receive information about the Global Day and its activities?

To receive more information about the Global Day email our Project Director Karen Sponder at [email protected] You can also subscribe here and receive periodic updates about the Global Day

Is my Federation, JCC, Hillel, synagogue or school signed up to host a Global Day event?

Our Global Jewish Map is searchable. You can look for an event near you, or see where else in the world events are happening. Don’t have one nearby? Start your own!

I don't want to attend an event or there isn't one in my community. Can I still participate?

Of course! You can host your own get-together or learn online.  Click here to register a houseparty, chavurah, or other independent gathering.

I believe in the ideals of the Global Day and want to support it. How do I designate a contribution?

Thank you! Click here to make a secure donation online. By clicking this link, you’ll be redirected to the Aleph Society – the parent organization of The Global Day. The Aleph Society is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States.

If you prefer to make a donation via the mail, you can mail your donation to:

The Global Day of Jewish Learning

c/o The Aleph Society

25 West 45th Street, Suite 1405

New York, NY 10036

Please make checks payable to “Aleph Society.”

You can also make your donation over the phone by calling 212-840-1166.

Your contribution will be tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.