Haim Aronovitz

Global Day ON AIR 2018: Haim Aronovitz

Talmudic Time Travel: Jerusalem, Then and Now

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The Talmud takes us back in time to Ancient Jerusalem, just before the destruction of the Second Temple. In the story of Kamtza and bar Kamtza, a banquet in a priestly family’s mansion ends in catastrophe for the city. Today, visiting the site of that magnificent home in the Old City of Jerusalem gives us a first-hand look at the lives of individuals and leaders whose decisions and behavior affected their society. Take a journey through time with Haim Aronovitz, Director of Travel Seminars of the Florence Melton School for Adult Jewish Learning, and explore the social parallels between ancient and modern times.

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Haim Aronovitz serves as the Director of Travel Seminars of the Florence Melton School for Adult Jewish Learning. Since 1989, he has worked with the Melton Centre for Jewish Education at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem with in-service training programs for teachers, and he served as Educational Director of the Centre’s Senior Educators Program. For over 40 years, he has enjoyed learning and teaching about Israel and its manifold narratives, the teaching always being enriched by the students. His studies at Hebrew University have led to an MA in Contemporary Jewry and Jewish Education, as well as a Teacher’s Diploma. Haim makes his home in Jerusalem, along with his wife, Sandy, and their three children.

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