24×24 videos 2013

Rabbi Meni Even-Israel: Creating Something from Nothing

Jerusalem, Israel / Teaching in English HaShefa About Rabbi Meni Back to the index Watch the video: Creating Something from Nothing Rabbi Meni Even-Israel was born in Jerusalem. He was ordained by Israel’s Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu and served as a Campus Rabbi for several years in the United States. He currently serves as the...
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Maya Bernstein: Uprooting Mountains, Maintaining Sinai

San Francisco, California, USA / Teaching in English UpStart Bay Area About Maya Back to the index Watch the video: Uprooting Mountains, Maintaining Sinai Download Sourcesheet. Download the 30 Circles worksheet. Maya Bernstein is the Strategic Design Officer at UpStart Bay Area, which partners with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established organization to re-design the experience and...
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Rabbi Pinchas Allouche: The Jewish Obsession with Community

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA / Teaching in English About Rabbi Allouche Back to the index Watch the video – The Jewish Obsession with Community: Why We Cannot Live Alone Congregation Beth Tefillah, Scottsdale Rabbi Pinchas Allouche is a well-recognized rabbinic figure and a sought-after lecturer and author of many essays and writings on the Jewish faith, mysticism,...
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