What is the Global Day?

The ninth annual Global Day of Jewish Learning will take place on Sunday November 11, 2018.

On that day, Jews all over the world will come together in their communities to study Jewish texts and teachings.

Our goal is to bring communities from different backgrounds and denominations together to learn as a unified Jewish community.  “Community” is a loose term which could refer to your local JCC, synagogues, federations and schools coming together or it could be a collaboration of a number of local synagogues or a chavurah or a Hillel.  It could also be a group of friends and families gathering at someone’s home to learn together.  Wherever your community is, or however many people are in it, by participating in a Global Day of Jewish Learning you become part of the global Jewish community.

We believe that Jewish learning is something to celebrate.  It brings us together, keeps us together and strengthens our connection to our heritage and culture.  We want to spark and nourish a love for Jewish learning.

Why participate in the Global Day of Jewish Learning?

The Global Day of Jewish Learning is an opportunity for Jews around the world to unite and share in an historic day of learning and community building. Through participation in the Global Day of Jewish Learning, your community can benefit in many ways:

  • Uniting your entire community, regardless of affiliation;
  • Partnering with local day schools, synagogues and other local agencies;
  • Promoting Jewish education and empowering local educators;
  • Using the event as a launching pad for your own community initiatives;
  • Including your community in a worldwide, groundbreaking event.

What is Rabbi Steinsaltz’s involvement in this year’s Global Day?

The Aleph Society, Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz’s educational organization in North America, is the spearheading organization for the Global Day. Rabbi Steinsaltz continues to be visionary behind the Global Day and its activities. The Global Day was created from his motto – “Let My People Know” and in 2018, the Global Day continues to exemplify his mantra by bringing Jewish learning to Jews all across the globe.

Is there a cost to register my community?

No, there is no cost to register your community to participate in the Global Day of Jewish Learning.

What is the curriculum this year??

While each community event creates their own programming, we are currently developing a curriculum focusing upon a central theme.  The 2018 theme is “Extraordinary Passages: Texts and Travels“.  Each community will ultimately decide what topics and classes from the curriculum they will offer.

How do I plan my Global Day program?

When you access our Toolbox you’ll get a list of resources to help you plan and host a Global Day event.  The Global Day Community Resource Guidebook is the tool that will assist you with your planning process – it offers sample models, programmatic examples from last year and other helpful information about planning your event.  If you still have more questions  just email or call Eliana Guralnik, our Community Coordinator, at (212) 840-1166 or email her at [email protected].

Why is it only one day? What happens after?

At each Global Day event, communities will have the opportunity to promote the learning opportunities they provide.  As with any other special day – holidays, birthdays, Sabbath days – we are given the time to devote our full attention to a particular subject, usually the reason why those days are special.  For example, you might think more about achievements or the passage of time when it’s your birthday than on any other day.  But that doesn’t mean your birthday is the only time you’re allowed to reflect on these matters.  The same goes for The Global Day.  It’s a day we can set aside to explore our relationships with Jewish learning, which can enrich our learning over the course of the year.  Just because it’s not The Global Day doesn’t mean you can’t keep coming back to the curriculum.  Individuals and Communities can use The Global Day as a springboard to further and deeper learning throughout the year.

I have more questions - who do I call or email?

For communities interested in participating, or if you’re registered and need assistance, email [email protected]. For more information about Jewish Learning, Rabbi Steinsaltz, the Aleph Society and our Global Day organization, email [email protected]. For technical assistance, you can email [email protected]. You can call our offices at (212) 840-1166 with questions, concerns and comments.