2013 curriculum thumbCreating Together: Jewish Approaches to Creativity and Collaboration

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Individual Curricular Units
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Full Curricula

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Individual Curricular Units (English)

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  1. Creating Friendship: Acquire for Yourself a Friend
    What is the essence of friendship?  Can true friendship ever be consistently one-sided? This session explores friendships in the Bible, the Talmud and the ancient world. How do we learn to trust another person? What must we do to earn friendship?
  2. Creating the Amidah: How our Defining Prayer Came into Being
    This session begins with stories of the origin of the Amidah (silent standing prayer)  and explores the communal and personal significance of prayer. Can a prayer be created by committee or must it be the result of individual expression? Can one person speak for all Jews?
  3. Creation and Creativity
    In this class we look at the structure and creativity in God’s creation of the world along with humankind’s responsibility to the world. We are not only care givers but we are partners in creating and sustaining the planet.
  4. Creativity and Torah Study
    Does commitment to a tradition curtail individuality?  Do rules and structure inhibit individual expression? This session asks whether religion is the enemy of innovation. Is it ever possible for rules to encourage creativity?  What frameworks foster creativity?
  5. Creating Shabbat: Rest as a Creative Act
    The Torah tells us that God rests when the six days of creation are completed. Thus, Shabbat is created. We have the chance to emulate God and shape the world as well, both by being creative and by instituting meaningful rest in our lives and our societies. Is it ever possible to be unplugged?
  6. Bezalel’s Creativity: Art as an Expression of the Divine
    God chooses Bezalel to build the sanctuary in the desert because he was filled with “the spirit of God.” In this session, we will explore God’s role as creator and its implications for humankind, as we are created “in the image of God.” Can an appreciation for artistic creativity bring us closer to the divine?  How can art be used as a medium for spiritual development?

Children’s Curricula:

Middle School Curriculum
Creating Together: Fear and Splendor

In this session we will explore the building of the Golden Calf and the building of the Sanctuary (mishkan). We will highlight the power of working together and understand that collaboration can yield both wonderful and terrible results. Together, we will make our own group project.

Elementary School Curriculum
Creating the World

The book of Genesis outlines the way that God created the world. In this session, we will explore the world God created while also looking into the smaller worlds that each and every one of us creates.

PJ Library Early Childhood Curriculum
Creating Intergenerational Community Together

    1. Creating Intergenerational Community Together: Some Guidelines.
    2. Say Hello, Lily by Deborah Lakritz & Martha Aviles
    3. Rise and Shine by Karen Ostrove & Kimberley Scott
    4. Red, Blue and Yellow Yarn by Miriam R. Kosman & Valeri Gorbachev.

Click here to view the recording of a webinar on Creating Intergenerational Community Together, in which Vivian Newman, PJ Library’s Early Childhood Education Consultant, shares guidance, activity ideas and book suggestions for running successful intergenerational programs.

2013 Video Class: Rabbi Steinsaltz on Creativity

Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz teaches about “Creativity.” The class encourages us to think about God’s creation of the world and our role as creators, as well as the divine imperative for progress. How does God’s world inspire creativity and progress? How can individuals offer their own creative contributions to the world?  (Runtime 15mins)

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מקורות ושאלות לדיון
Sources and Discussion Questions (English)
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