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2015 Individual Curricular Units


Balancing Love and Obedience: The Curious Case of Nadav and Avihu
How do we balance love and obedience in the service of God? In this session, we will explore the death of Aaron’s sons, Nadav and Avihu, at the dedication of the Tabernacle. The incident raises questions about the tension between spontaneous religious expression and obedience to a religious system.

Fathers, Sons and Brothers: A Story of Love and Hate
In this session, we explore the role of favoritism in the Torah. Does too much parental love result in sibling hatred? Is reconciliation ever possible? Story after story in Genesis describes how one child is chosen at the expense of the others. Jacob clearly loves his son Joseph most. Rebekah prefers Jacob while Isaac loves Esau, Jacob’s twin. When one child is the favorite, is it possible for families to remain united?

Is Love Always Good? Exploring Love in The Thirteen Petalled Rose
In Judaism, individual human emotions are considered neither “good” nor “bad.” How does this fundamental idea at the core of Jewish belief apply to love? Through a careful look at an excerpt from The Thirteen Petalled Rose, a book of Kabbalah by Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz, we will explore the Jewish approach to human character traits and discover its wisdom.

Love and Deception: The Story of Jacob, Rachel and Leah
After Jacob deceives his father to receive the first-born blessing, he is sent to his mother’s birthplace to find a wife. There he encounters Rachel and falls in love. This session explores their love story, the deception involving Laban and Leah, and the definition of true love.  The Torah’s description of Jacob, Rachel and Leah leads us to think more deeply about the different kinds of love.

Loving and Waiting: A Talmudic Perspective on Relationships
The rabbis of the Talmud had strong opinions about romantic love. We will explore some extreme examples of marriages portrayed in the Talmud. What is the connection between loving and waiting? What can these stories teach us about how to balance competing loves?

Loving God and Loving Ourselves
What does it mean to love God? Can a relationship with the Divine lead us to love ourselves? We are told that we should love God with all our hearts (Deut. 6:5). This session asks whether loving God can be a vehicle to loving ourselves and to becoming more whole.

Loving the Ger: Who is the Stranger in our Midst?
Being commanded to love is unusual, yet the Bible clearly instructs us to love the stranger/convert.  Our experience as strangers in Egypt helps us to appreciate the importance of this commandment and the moral imperative that underlies it. What does it mean to be commanded to love a category of people? Who are the strangers?


The Distance Between Love and Hate: A Story of Brothers (Middle School)
Would it surprise you to learn that parents in the Bible played favorites? The Bible tells us Rebekah loved their son Jacob, while Isaac loved their other son, Esau. Then Jacob loved his son Joseph more than all of his other children. In both instances, siblings began to hate one another. This session explores the role of favoritism in the Bible; and the relationship between too much parental love and brotherly hatred.

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Playing Favorites: Parents’ Love and Brothers’ Hate (Elementary School)
Imagine being the only one in the family or class to receive a Chanukah present. How would everyone else feel watching you unwrap the only gift? It may be surprising to learn that parents in the Bible play favorites. Let’s explore how these stories of brothers teach us about playing favorites and learning to overcome sibling rivalry.



Love Stories: Using PJ Library Books to Explore the Jewish Concept of Loving Parents and Grandparents. Download it or read it now.

What is Love? – video class with Rabbi Steinsaltz

Do you believe in soul mates? Wonder about differences in the way you love your children and your parents? Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz explores these questions, and more, in the 2015 Global Day video, “What is Love?“

This video is a resource for sparking stimulating conversations among members of your community. Some ideas for how to use it include:

  • Watch it and read the chapter on Love from Simple Words by Rabbi Steinsaltz.
  • Use section on the Shema in the video with the curriculum unit: Loving God, Loving Ourselves.
  • Send out the link to the video in your community newsletter before your Global Day event so that participants can come in excited to learn more about love.
הרב עדין אבן-ישראל שטינזלץ: מהי אהבה?

יום עולמי ללימוד יהדות 2015: שיעור וידאו, הרב עדין אבן-ישראל שטינזלץ
האם אתם מאמינים במושג “נפש תאומה”? האם אתם חושבים על ההבדלים בין האופן שבו אתם אוהבים את ילדיכם ואת הוריכם? הרב עדין אבן-ישראל שטינזלץ בוחן שאלות אלה ועוד בשיעור: “מהי אהבה?” ביום העולמי ללימוד יהדות, 2015.

¿Qué es el amor? – Clase de video del Rabino Steinsaltz.

¿Creen en las almas gemelas? ¿Se preguntan sobre las diferencias en la forma en que aman a sus hijos y a sus padres? El Rabino Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz responde a éstas y otras dudas, al formular la pregunta: ¿Qué es el amor? para la Jornada mundial del 2015.

Раввин Адин Эвен-ИзраильШтейнзальц : Вы верите в родственные души?

Интересуетесь в чем различие любви к детям от любви к родителям? Раввин Адин Эвен-ИзраильШтейнзальц анализирует эти и другие вопросы, спрашивая “Что такое любовь?”. Это является темой всемирного дня еврейских знаний 2015 года.

Watch Rabbi Steinsaltz’s video class (above) with English Subtitles or download it here

“What is Love” Video Discussion Questions (.pdf)

צפה בסרטון וידאו באינטרנט עם כתוביות בעברית |  יש להקליק להורדת וידאו המועדף עליך

(.pdf) ושאלות לדיון

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Preguntas para el debate (.pdf)

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Exclusive Learning Resources

Rabbi Steinsaltz at Columbia University: Love and Compassion

This talk by Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz is from the symposium on “Love and its Obstacles” held on November 7, 2004, at Columbia University. The symposium was organized by Columbia’s Center for the Study of Science and Religion as part of the Love Studies Project, sponsored by the Fetzer Institute. Rabbi Steinsaltz is introduced by Columbia Biology Professor Robert Pollack, Director of the CSSR. Click here for more information.

Fear and Love (Part 1)

Presented by JewishFoodForThought.com Written, drawn, and animated by Hanan Harchol. What is love really all about? Are there different kinds of love? How much does giving have to do with love? How much of love is about yourself, how much is about others and, what do fish have to do with it?

PREVIEW: At First Sight

Jerusalem U is partnering with the Global Day of Jewish Learning to help your organization educate about love and romance through a Jewish lens, Hollywood Style! On November 15th, the entertaining and enlightening short film “At First Sight” will be available free of charge. The film explores how love – a central driving force in our lives – is portrayed in Hollywood and through the lens of Jewish wisdom. This program is  perfect for engaging your audience in meaningful discussions about core Jewish teachings. To receive a link to download the film and a moderators guide, contact [email protected]. Marketing materials are available as well. For more information about the film course, visit http://orgs.jerusalemu.org/cinema.

ELI Talks presents Miriam Broseau: “If You Go, I’ll Go” – Ahavat Israel

Connecting to a fellow Jew in times of trouble is necessary and important, argues Miriam Brosseau, but is it lasting? Peoplehood cannot be built on a foundation of tragedy. Rather, it’s time to return to an age-old mitzvah. Perhaps the basis of Israel education should literally be “ahavat yisrael” – love of Israel and one’s fellow Jew.

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Missed the day? Don’t worry, the Global Day provides resources that anyone can use during the year to facilitate Jewish learning. Teachers, parents, students and kids can learn together, any time. We even have an archive of free videos from our annual online event – 24×24 – that anyone can watch!

Take a look at the community-wide event at KEDEM in Kishinev, Moldova!

Watch Rabbi Steinsaltz teaching about “Love: Seeing Through All the Veils”.


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