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The theme for the 2011 Global Day of Jewish Learning and curricular materials was the unity of the Jewish people through the Shema – being one people.  Sources for each learning session or conversation come primarily but not entirely from the Talmud and delve into themes related to the Sh’ma that are universally relevant to Jews around the world and of all generations.  As we study these words together on the Global Day or any day of the year, we demonstrate our unity and collective responsibility.

2011 Global Day Curriculum

Global Day Curriculum 2011
Global Day Facilitator’s Guide 2011
Russian Language Curriculum 2011
Spanish Language Curriculum 2011

Supplementary Curricular Materials

Table Talk: Blessings Discussion questions about the parsha.
“You Can Dance” A thought-provoking and humorous animated video on gratitude by Hanan Harchol.
NEW Shalom Sesame video, with a “Shehecheyanu” prayer song featuring Grover!