Congregational Schools Educators

Information for Educators in Congregational Schools

The Global Day of Jewish Learning is an opportunity for congregational schools to:

  • Connect their school with hundreds of Jewish communities around the world
  • Do something different with easy-to-use resources
  • Partner with other nearby congregational schools and learn together

Extraordinary Passages: Texts and Travels

The Global Day of Jewish Learning offers ready-to-use discussion guides and sourcesheets for you to bring the discussion of the 2018 theme to your classroom. Explore the journeys that matter most to you, with Jewish texts as your guide.

Resources within our curriculum for 2018 are suitable for children in Elementary and Middle School. Whether you’re a first-time learning leader or a professional educator, these curricular units are a handy way to help kids dive right into text learning.

For Elementary School students, “The Journey of My Name” takes students on a journey through the special meanings of their names. Connect texts with activities including a “Memory Suitcase” and more.

For Middle School students,“On a Journey with Jonah” introduces students to Jonah and those he meets on his extraordinary journey on – and under – the sea. Activities include partnered learning, drawing a comic book panel and more.

Looking for a family program or ways to engage parents? Pair these units with their adult versions: “The Journey of Our Names” or “Jonah: A Story of Many Journeys”.

How about some interactive elements? A number of our curricular units can be enhanced with Global Day ON AIR videos. If you’re interested in multimedia teaching tools, “flipped-classroom” learning, or just want to bring an internationally-renowned teacher to your classroom, ON AIR puts the world of Jewish learning at your fingertips.

Interested in holding a learning event at your school on November 11? Just sign up and you’ll get FREE access to our toolbox that contains the curriculum and more – registration is easy and also FREE!

Questions? Email our Community Coordinator Eliana or call us at 212-840-1166.