Dyonna Ginsburg and Rabbi Yedidya Sinclair

Of Land and Light: A Jewish Take on Ethical Dilemmas in International Development

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What happens when a rural African community’s right to their land and their hopes for a brighter and cleaner future come into conflict? In what ways can ancient Jewish wisdom illuminate this modern-day ethical dilemma and inform planning for village layout and housing design? Join OLAM Executive Director Dyonna Ginsburg and Vice President of Energiya Global Yedidya Julian Sinclair as they discuss a real case in which human rights and a concern for the environment come into conflict, along with relevant Jewish texts.

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dyonna-ginsburgDyonna Ginsburg is Executive Director of OLAM, a shared platform promoting global Jewish service and international development. Previously, Dyonna served as Director of Education and Service Learning at The Jewish Agency; Executive Director of Bema’aglei Tzedek, an Israeli social change NGO; and co-founder of Siach, a global network of Jewish social justice and environmental professionals. She has a BA in International Relations from Columbia University and an MA in Jewish Education from Hebrew University.

sinclairYedidya Sinclair is Environmental and Social Director at an Africa-focused solar development center. Before moving to Israel he worked as an economist in the UK government. A Jewish educator as well as an economist, he served as campus rabbi at Cambridge University, UK. Yedidya holds orthodox rabbinic ordination and degrees from Oxford and Harvard. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and five children.