Sandra Lilienthal

Global Day ON AIR: Sandra Lilienthal

Not One Empty Word

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The Bible is a book that speaks volumes, through the ongoing act of interpretation known as midrash. How do those interpretations affect our understanding of the source texts, and what is our role in that tradition? This video class pairs with a unit in this year’s Global Day curriculum, which is available for registered participating communities to download.

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Sandra Lilienthal is the Education Director of the Global Day of Jewish Learning. She is a Jewish Educator who has great enthusiasm for teaching Judaism as a living religion, and infusing true passion for it among those who study with her. She is part of the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning faculty, an adjunct professor at Gratz College, and the author of Pillars of Judaism, an Adult Education two-year curriculum. Sandra is a frequent speaker at Jewish education conferences, Limmud conferences across North America, synagogues and other Jewish organizations. In 2015, Sandra was nominated by her students and was awarded the prestigious Covenant Award for Excellence in Jewish Education.

Sandra received her Master’s in Jewish Studies and her Doctorate in Jewish Education from Gratz College. Sandra has worked in the Jewish Education field in many different capacities for the last 25 years: Religious School teacher, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutor, Director of Education, Director of Lifelong Learning. She has taught every age from preschool to adults, both in her native Brazil and in the USA (Waco, TX and South Florida). For the past 12 years, Sandra has focused on teaching adults and building communities of learners in South Florida. For more on Sandra, check out www.sandralilienthal.com.