David Moss and Elyssa Moss Rabinowitz

Global Day ON AIR Presents: David Moss and Elyssa Moss Rabinowitz

17:00 IST on Sunday November 12, in Jerusalem, Israel

Mitzvah Beautifiers: Illuminating Jewish Texts, Values and Ideas

Jewish texts and values can be explored through the visual arts – one of the most powerful ways to cultivate creativity and to implant intimate connections to Judaism. The making of Jewish art can be a holy process. The intensity, thought, care and devotion one expends in other spiritual matters can be applied to art as well. Join Artists and Educators David Moss and Elyssa Moss Rabinowitz in a journey through making art rooted in authentic Jewish traditions. Find out how source-based Jewish art is created, experience what makes it so powerful, and discover how it can inspire educationally, intellectually and spiritually as well as aesthetically.

Artist David Moss is a co-founder of Kol HaOt: Interactive, Jewish Educational Art Programs in Israel. David considers himself a “mitzvah beautifier”. He works in diverse media, including calligraphy, illumination, papercuts, sculpture, wood, prints, artist books, architecture, pottery, drama, educational programming and others. He is responsible for the revival of the hand-illustrated ketubah, created The Moss Haggadah, and collaborated on the Tree of Life Shtender. His magnificent artwork has been acquired by major museums, and is included in many private collections. A current project is his “Garden of Jewish Exploration”.

Elyssa Moss Rabinowitz, is a Kol HaOt co-founder and Executive Director. Elyssa constructs worlds of Jewish meaning and beauty. She draws on all media to create interactive, participatory events and programs of Jewish content, through her “Day Away” programs, weaving together Jewish texts, music, food, art and drama to create all-encompassing experiences that are authentic, educational, inspirational and fun. She created and runs the “Zer Mitzvot” year-long group study/experience for Bat Mitzvah-aged girls and their mothers, and has worked on creative content for television programming, as well as acted and produced in live theater.