How do I watch the Global Day ON AIR?

The 2018 video series is now complete. All the videos that we broadcast through the year have now been recorded so that everyone can watch them “On Demand” at any time. They are available here on our website and also on YouTube.

You can watch all videos from previous years on our official YouTube Channel.

What is the difference between ON AIR and The Global Day of Jewish Learning?

  • The Global Day of Jewish Learning is a worldwide celebration of Jewish texts that happens annually, bringing together 500+ communities in 40+ countries.  These communities register with us to get our curriculum and teaching materials to help them put on their annual Global Day events, which take place in their locations and are attended by people who are in their geographic area.  A community is a gathering of any size that brings people together in the spirit of “Let My People Know” and to engage, as a group, with Jewish texts. The 2018 Global Day was on November 11. If you had an event, or celebrated in some way, you can still let us know.
  • ON AIR is our live web-based video series that anyone can tune in to without having to register. You do not need to be a community or be part of a community to watch the videos, but communities are welcome to screen the video lessons live or recorded. As long as you can connect to the Internet, you can watch ON AIR and be part of our Global Jewish Community online.


  • Where are the completed 2018 videos right now?

    • The videos that have already been broadcast this year are all listed in the 2018 schedule as “already available”. They’re also collected together as a playlist on YouTube. They can also be found on each of our speakers’ profiles.
  • How did you make these videos?

    • With YouTube Live and Google Hangouts, our ON AIR sessions are recorded in real-time as they’re being broadcast. Watch them on our website or in YouTube; view them on your phone, tablet or computer; find them any time during the year.
  • Are the videos archived?

    • Yes! All these live broadcasts will be recorded AS THEY HAPPEN in YouTube, which means you can watch them throughout the year, at any time on our website or our YouTube channel.
  • Do I have to register to see them?

    • No, you do NOT need to register to see them. But, if you ARE having a viewing party, why not turn it into an event? Tell us what town/city/region you are watching from and we’ll add you to the Global Jewish Map!
  • Is this really all for free?

    • Yes! This video series and all our materials are free of charge for you to use. We believe Jewish learning should be freely available to everyone! We are able to make all our materials free of charge through the generous support of donors to the Aleph Society, our parent organization.
  • Do I have to make an event?

    • No, you don’t have to hold an event to watch ON AIR. If you are watching the videos by yourself or with a small group, you can tell us about it but you don’t have to be a “registered” community.
  • When do the videos start?

  • Where are all the videos from 2017?