Dana Pulver (Дана Пулвер)

Global Day ON AIR 2018: Dana Pulver (Дана Пулвер) Дана Пулвер – еврейский образователь и экзегист. Увлекшись богатым миром еврейского наследия еще в детстве в Киеве, после репатриации она продолжила углубляться в изучение еврейских текстов в женской ешиве и в университетской программе “Хаврута”. Дана получила степень магистра по дисциплине когнитивных наук, а в настоящее время...
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Rabbi Haïm Korsia

Embellir le monde: la beauté dans le judaïsme

Ce cours dépasse les thèmes distincts, associés ou confrontés de beauté et de laideur. Il se concentre plus fondamentalement sur l'idée d'embellissement. La vie c'est ce qu'on en fait, à nous de percevoir à nous de ressentir le beau et de positiver l'état de nature. La beauté et la laideur sont donc sur un mode dynamique, et non statique, la beauté est à créer. La laideur n'est pas expressément citée, mais elle est omniprésente et les exemples s'ensuivent de à l'émasculation de Noé aux atrocités de la Shoah. Mais, Il présente surtout une énorme mise en garde contre la fausse association d'idée beau/bon, laid/mauvais. Le beau, qui crée de l'émotion, et qui pourrait nous faire perdre de vue le bon, doit être contenu par la règle pour nous permettre de vivre de manière juste.

Lori Lefkovitz, Ph.D

"A Beautiful Man?" Joseph and the Character of Masculinity in Judaism and Islam.

Joseph (favored son of Jacob, the last of the Biblical patriarchs) is famously beautiful, “of fine face and figure” (Genesis 39:6). He is also one of the shared heroes of Judaism and Islam. Through a textual twin experiment and close analysis of the two traditions, we'll look together at ethnic constructions of beauty and ugliness: What is Jewish beauty?What is masculinity and what is Jewish masculinity? What is femininity and Jewish femininity?

Sandra Lilienthal

Beauty, Power and Temptation

Is being beautiful a requirement to achieve positions of power? Can beauty ever be a disadvantage? Join Sandra Lilienthal in exploring some stories of Biblical characters to uncover ways in which beauty and power are intertwined, and discover what those ancient stories can teach us us today. Use this video to guide or supplement your use of the 2017 curricular unit, "Beauty, Power and Temptation".

Yulia Patrakova

Художник Хаим Сутин: "прямой поклон, беззвучный крик и неподвижный танец" | The Artist Chaim Soutine

ОПИСАНИЕ: Поговорим е еврейской живописи, как о еврейском тексте. Поговорим о странном человеке, проделавшем путь от белорусского местечка Смиловичи к лучшим музеям мира ,человеке, писавшем странные, страшные и великие картины, «шлемазле» для которого все на свете было вторично, кроме живописи. Поговорим о гении, его страхах, боли, радостях, дружбе и любви.

Ruby Namdar

Joseph and His Master's Wife: A Tale of Love, Obsession, Temptation and Piety

Few characters in the Bible are as complex and ambiguous as the one of Joseph. What adds to the allure of his character are the many Biblical, Talmudic and Midrashic references to his exceptional physical beauty. In this class we will savor this beauty, as well as the beauty of the many tales that are told about the handsome Hebrew slave who has become the grand prince of Egypt, thus irreversibly changing the course of his people's history. We will also ask the question that lurks between the lines of this epic love tale: what really went on in the bedchamber of the wife of Potiphar the Egyptian?

Gabriella Lev

See the gallery below for photos from Theatre Company Jerusalem and their interpretation of the story of the Sota. Gabriella Lev is an award-winning theatre director, writer and performer. She co-established the Odot Company in 1973 and later helped establish The Jerusalem Drama Workshop. She was its director for three years, and under her care,...
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Rabbi Mishael Zion on Young Moses: Hero or Villain?

Rabbi Mishael Zion is Co-Director and Director of Education at the Bronfman Fellowships, a community of over 1,000 young Jewish leaders grounded in Jewish learning and pluralism. Mishael ordained by Yeshivat Chovevei Torah and served on the faculty of the Hartman Institute. Mishael blogs regularly atText and the City and is the co-author of “A...
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Sara Wolkenfeld on Rachel: A Voice for the Ages

  Sara Tillinger Wolkenfeld is the Director of Education and Community Engagement at Sefaria. She has taught Talmud and Jewish Law at the Drisha Institute, and served as JLIC educator and Director of Education at the Center for Jewish Life – Hillel at Princeton University. Sara has taught at The Hampton Synagogue in Westhampton Beach, NY,...
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Rabbi Guershon Kwasniewski & Rabbi Uri Lam (video in Portuguese)

Since 1996, Rabbi Guershon Kwasniewski has been the religious Leader ofSIBRA – Sociedade Israelita Brasileira de Cultura e Beneficência – in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He attended rabbinical studies at the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary in Buenos Aires, Argentina and at the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem, Israel and will soon receive his Smichá. Rabbi Kwasniewski is...
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