Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz

Harmony is Made With All Kinds of Noise

Are human beings essentially in conflict with nature? What is the relationship between nature and miracles? Rabbi Steinsaltz will look at how humanity's relationship with nature informs our perception of ourselves, and how we treat others. Learn how Jewish texts can help us make sense of those relationships, leading us to discoveries about what makes us human, and what makes humans special.

Dr. Daniel Fainstein (video in Spanish)

Dr. Daniel Fainstein is Dean and Professor of Jewish Studies and Education at the Hebraica University in Mexico City. He was educated in Buenos Aires, Jerusalem, and the National Autonomous University of Mexico where he got his PhD. He served as Dean of the Seminario Rabínico Latino Americano M.T. Meyer, was the Executive Director of...
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Michaël Sebban: Hidden Characters in the Bible (video in French)

Michaël Sebban enseigne le Zohar et la Kabbale à Paris. Il dirige le site www.beithazohar.com et travaille actuellement sur une nouvelle traduction du Zohar en français. Il a aussi enseigné la philosophie au lycée et est l’auteur de plusieurs romans, dont Kotel California et Lechaim. Michaël Sebban teaches Zohar and Kabbalah in Paris. He heads...
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