Rabbi Dr. Iris Yaniv

Global Day ON AIR 2018: Rabbi Dr. Iris Yaniv The Journey of Abraham to Canaan: In this session we will read carefully the stories (in plural) of Abraham leaving his homeland (where was it, really?) and coming to Canaan. We will examine the question: why did he leave? From the answers to this question we...
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Dr. Yaacov Maoz

Global Day ON AIR 2018: Dr. Yaacov Maoz מסעות המים בארץ הקודש: בין מדע ליהדות בנושא מחזור המים בעולם LIVE at 19:00 IST on November 11 Dr. Maoz will teach in Hebrew, on the topic of “The Water Journeys in the Holy Land: Between Science and Judaism on the World Water Cycle”. Dr. Yaacov Maoz...
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Einat Kramer

Einat is Director of Israeli NGO, Teva Ivri (“Jewish Nature”), engaged nationally in increasing the connection between Judaism and environmental discourse in Israel. Einat lectures in Israel and abroad, and appears regularly on Israeli television and radio – she currently has a weekly slot on Channel 1 in which she connects a socio-environmental topic with...
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Yoram Taharlev: Live Concert in Hebrew

Tel Aviv, Israel / Teaching in Hebrew This video was broadcast from BINA in Tel Aviv About Yoram Back to the index Watch the video: Taharlev’s Torah Featuring the BINA Mechina Yoram Taharlev was born and raised on Kibbutz Yagur. His parents, both pioneers from the Halutz movement, came to Israel from Lithuania. Taharlev worked as...
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