The Global Day of Jewish Learning is ON AIR in 2018! Tune in throughout the year for this LIVE video broadcast series that lets you learn anywhere, any time. Hope you’ll join us on November 11 for our all-day webcast event!

Rabbi Steinsaltz’s mission is to “Let My People Know”, and he has committed his life’s work to making Jewish texts more accessible. The Global Day ON AIR propels this vision forward in a digital age.

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Schedule of speakers for 2018: Search the listings for speakers’ names, topic keywords, languages or locations. Click the timezone icon to see when this will be LIVE in your location. Click the column titles to sort by speaker last-name, location, language and topic.

Broadcast Time Speaker Location Language Topic
Broadcast Time Speaker name Location Language Topic

8am EST on Nov. 11

Rabbi Avi Baumol and Jonathan Ornstein, JCC Krakow

New York, USA English From Auschwitz by Bicycle: the Extraordinary Journey to JCC Krakow

11am ART on Nov. 11

Rabbi Ari Bursztein

Buenos Aires, Argentina Spanish Un viaje hacia ninguna parte: una concepción realista del lugar de la ilusión en la vida en el pensamiento judío moderno de Yeshaiahu Leibowitz y David Hartman

16:00 IST on Nov. 11

Karen Ettinger

Jerusalem, Israel English Where the Books Go: If Books Could Tell Their Tales

11am EST on Nov. 11

Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman and Rachel Raz

Massachusetts, USA English An Astronaut’s Torah: Jewish Journeys in Space

9am PST on Nov. 11

Dr. Deena Aronoff, Rabbi Jennifer Clayman,
Rabbi Dorothy Richman and Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan

California, USA English On The Road With Elijah | Presented by Lehrhaus Talmud Circles

19:00 IST on Nov. 11

Dr. Yaacov Maoz

Jerusalem, Israel Hebrew Water Flows In the Holy Land

Already Available

Rabbi Pinchas Allouche

Arizona, USA English Four Steps to Freedom

Already Available

Dana Pulver

Ma’ale Adumim, Israel Russian Йона, или Туда и обратно

Already Available

Leonid Rozengauz

St Petersburg, Russia Russian Бродский, Куприн, Голливуд и Тора о странствиях и путешествиях

Already Available

Arthur Kurzweil

New York, USA English Mishpochology 101: Jewish Genealogy

Already Available

Rabbi Meni Even-Israel

New York, USA English Jonah and Transformation

Already Available

Sandra Lilienthal

Florida, USA English The Making of a Wandering People

Already Available

Nora Katz

Mississippi, USA English Travelers, Tourists, Pilgrims: Identity and Place in Journeys to the Jewish South

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