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[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 00:00[/localize_time]
Rabbi Adin Even-Israel SteinsaltzWorldwideEnglish (with subtitles)Love: Seeing Through All the Veils
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 02:00[/localize_time]Abi Dauber SterneWashington, DC, USAEnglishLove Yourself More than Your Neighbor: Particularism vs. Universalism
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 03:00[/localize_time]Rabbi Peretz Wolf-PrusanBerkeley, CA, USAEnglishDesire: It's Good For You! The Body, Sexuality and Fat Rabbis in the Talmud | Download the sourcesheet HERE
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 10:30[/localize_time]Yulia PatrakovaMoscow, RussiaRussianХудожник Хаим Сутин: "прямой поклон, беззвучный крик и неподвижный танец" (The Artist Chaim Soutine)
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 12:00[/localize_time]Rabbi Yeshaya DalsaceParis, FranceFrenchSoupçon, jalousie et perversion: la femme Sota (Suspicion, Jealousy and Perversion: the Case of the Sota) | Sources talmudiques et midrashiques
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 13:00[/localize_time]Rabbi Meni Even-IsraelJerusalem, IsraelEnglishDysfunctional Jewish family: What is love?
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 13:00[/localize_time]Dr. Zeev DashevskyJerusalem, IsraelRussianИ царский гнев, и царская любовь (King's Anger, Royal Love) | скачать текст – Sourcesheet
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 14:00[/localize_time]Rabbi Bradley Solmsen Houston, TX USAEnglishFirst Love: What We Can Discover About Love from Gan Eden/The Garden of Eden | Download the Sourcesheet HERE
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 14:00[/localize_time]Sandee Brawarsky, Hanan Harchol and Rabbi Leon Morris New York, NY, USA and Jerusalem, IsraelEnglishFish Love: A Discussion on Self-Love and Loving Others.
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 14:30[/localize_time]Rabbi Efrem Goldberg Boca Raton, FL, USAEnglishLearning to Love in a World of Likes
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 15:00[/localize_time]Gabriella LevJerusalem, IsraelEnglishWayward Woman: A Timeless Tale on the Modern Stage | Download the Sourcesheet
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 15:00[/localize_time]Rabbi Elie KaunferNew York, NY, USAEnglishLekha Dodi: The Most Famous Jewish Love Poem | Download the Sourcesheet HERE
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 15:30[/localize_time]Ruth MessingerChicago, IL, USAEnglishListen With a Loving Heart: A Recipe to Repair the World | Download the sourcesheet: Sh'ma Text
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 16:30[/localize_time]Rabbi Alex IsraelNashville, TN, USAEnglishRachel and Leah: Sibling Rivalry and Jewish Unity | Download the sourcesheet HERE
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 17:00[/localize_time]Dr. Daniel FainsteinMexico City, MexicoSpanishEl Cantar de los Cantares: lecturas y comentarios sobre el más bello poema de amor, desde rabi Akiba a Franz Rosenzweig (The Song of Songs: Readings and Commentaries to the Most Beautiful Love Poem, from Rabbi Akiva to Franz Rosenzweig) | Descarga los materiales
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 18:00[/localize_time]Dr. Joel Hecker Newark, DE, USAEnglishA Kiss is Just A Kiss? Mystical Union, Personal Salvation, and World Redemption through Kabbalistic Kissing | Download the sourcesheet
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 18:30[/localize_time]Naomi LessNew York, NY, USAEnglishWhat's Love Got To Do With It? A Musical Exploration of Self-love, Divine Love and Everything In-between | Download the sourcesheet
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 19:00[/localize_time]Dasee BerkowitzJerusalem, IsraelEnglishLove: Becoming a Soulful Parent | Download the Sourcesheet HERE
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 19:00[/localize_time]Emmanuel BlochNew York, NY, USAFrench L'Espion qui m'aimait: Yehouda et Yossef, une Histoire d'Amour Fraternel? (The Spy Who Loved Me: Yehuda and Yossef, a Story of Brotherly Love?) | Sources talmudiques et midrashiques
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 20:00[/localize_time]Naomi Ackerman Los Angeles, CA, USAEnglishWhen Love Hurts, “Flowers Aren’t Enough” – A Dramatic Presentation about Interpersonal Abuse
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 20:00[/localize_time]Rabbi Michael FarbmanNew Haven, CT, USARussianТакие дела, брат - любовь... (Love is In the Air...)
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 21:00[/localize_time]Rabbi Zac KamenetzSan Francisco, CA, USAEnglishA Thousand Kisses Deep: Four Voices That Fell In Love With God | Download the sourcesheet
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 21:00[/localize_time]Ruby NamdarJerusalem, IsraelEnglishJoseph and His Master’s Wife: A Tale of Love, Obsession, Temptation and Piety | Download the Sourcesheet HERE
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 21:00[/localize_time]Guershon Kwasniewski & Rabbi Uri LamPorto Alegre, Brazil and Belo Horizonte, BrazilPortugueseAmar a Deus e Amarmos a Nós Mesmos (Loving God, Loving Ourselves)
[localize_time tz="utc" fmt="H:i"]11/15/2015 22:00[/localize_time]Abigail PogrebinNew York, NYEnglishTwins: A Love Story, Moderated by Miri Dauber of the Jewish Book Council
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