The 2017 Global Day of Jewish Learning ON AIR took place on Sunday, November 12 2017. As part of the Global Day celebrations, this video broadcast series lets you learn anywhere, any time. Watch them throughout the year to enrich your learning experiences.

Rabbi Steinsaltz’s mission is to “Let My People Know”, and he has committed his life’s work to making Jewish texts more accessible. The Global Day ON AIR propels this vision forward in a digital age.

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All the videos are available to view now! Watch them any time. Search the listings for speakers’ names, topic keywords, languages or locations. Click the column titles to sort by speaker last-name, location, language and topic.

Speaker Location Language Topic

Rabba Yaffa Epstein

Los Angeles, USA English Ugly Men and Beautiful Rabbis: What is Beauty in Judaism? |

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Rabbi Meni Even-Israel

New York, USA English Physical and Spiritual Beauty in Song of Songs

Dr. Daniel Fainstein

Mexico City, Mexico Spanish De la santidad de la belleza a la belleza de la santidad |

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Rabbi Boruch Gorin

St Petersburg, Russia Russian Красота и уродство в свете исторических дискурсов мудрецов Талмуда о сексуальности

Rabbi Sherre Hirsch

Los Angeles, USA English Hallways and Rooms: Navigating Life’s Transitions

Rabbi Alex Israel

New York, USA English The Taming of Desire |

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Rabbi Haïm Korsia

Paris, France French Embellir le monde: la beauté dans le judaïsme

Arthur Kurzweil

New York, USA English Tiferet: Beauty and Good |

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Rabbi Uri Lam

Belo Horizonte, Brazil Portuguese O Vaso Feio e o Artesão |

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Lori Lefkovitz, PhD

Pennsylvania, USA English “A Beautiful Man?” Joseph and the Character of Masculinity in Judaism and Islam | Download the Sourcesheet

Rabbi David Levin-Kruss

Budapest, Hungary English Beauty and the Beast and the Talmud |

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Sandra Lilienthal

Florida, USA English Beauty, Power and Temptation |

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David Moss and Elyssa Moss-Rabinowitz

Jerusalem, Israel English Mitzvah Beautifiers: Illuminating Jewish Texts, Values and Ideas

Yulia Patrakova

St Petersburg, Russia Russian Еврейские тексты о красоте и уродстве и язык искусства: Марк Ротко- страсть и цвет

Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan

Berkeley, USA English Beauty and the Rabbis |

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